United States-based crypto exchange Binance.US said it will be delisting the AMP token “out of an abundance of caution” of possible enforcement by federal regulators. The exchange said all AMP trading will be halted on Aug. 15, adding that it “may resume at some point in the future.”

In a Monday blog post, Binance.US said it will be closing deposits of Amp (AMP) and removing the AMP/USD trading pair on Aug. 15 following the token’s mention in a legal action from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. The federal regulator filed a complaint against a former Coinbase product manager and two individuals in July that claimed that AMP and eight other cryptocurrencies were “crypto asset securities” that fell under the SEC’s purview.

“We believe that, in some circumstances, delisting an asset best protects our community from undue risk,” said Binance.US. “We operate in a rapidly evolving industry and our listing and delisting processes are designed to be responsive to market and regulatory developments.”

According to Binance.US, AMP is the only token of the nine mentioned in the SEC complaint available for trading on the platform. The exchange added trading of AMP “may resume at some point in the future,” but did not provide a date. Other crypto exchanges and companies listing the token as well as Powerledger (POWR), Kromatika (KROM), DFX Finance (DFX), Rally (RLY), Rari Governance Token (RGT), DerivaDAO (DDX), LCX and XYO may also face scrutiny from the SEC if the regulator chooses to pursue enforcement actions.

“The SEC’s allegations could have broad implications beyond this single case, underscoring how critical and urgent it is that regulators work together,” said Caroline Pham, commissioner for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, in response to the SEC case.

At the time of publication, the price of AMP had fallen roughly 6% in the last 24 hours to reach $0.00874, according to data from CoinMarketCap. However, the RGT price surged more than 55% to reach a new all-time high of $7.83.

LCX Launched AMP Token at LCX Exchange in June, 2021

Amp is a digital collateral token for the Flexa network. Amp (AMP) is an Ethereum token that aims to “collateralize payments on the Flexa Network, making them instant and secure.” If a BTC or ETH payment fails due to unconfirmed or long transaction times “the Amp collateral can instead be liquidated to cover losses” while the vendor receives payment in fiat, potentially providing greater assurances to both parties.

Customers can sign up for a LCX account to deposit $AMP today.


Starting from today Monday, June 21st, 2021 at 08.00 PM CET, customers will be able to transfer $AMP into their LCX account. Customers will be able to transfer this to their LCX Exchange wallet or place trading orders when the trading starts.

Trading Pairs:

  • AMP / LCX starting on Tuesday, June 22nd 2021 at 1PM CET
  • AMP / EUR starting on Wednesday, June 23rd 2021 at 1PM CET

How to deposit AMP?

  1. Navigate to LCX Accounts > Wallet
  2. Scroll down to $AMP
  3. Click on the “Deposit” tab next to $AMP. Your deposit address will be presented to you.
  4. Send $AMP to this address