Can LCX Dominate Tokenized Diamonds Marketplace? Launches NFT Trading Platform February 22, 2022

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LCX Presents 2022 Product Roadmap

Digital Diamond NFTs offered via LCX Tiamonds

In a continuing expansion of the Lichtenstein Cryptoasset Exchange products and services, LCX announced the official launch date for the Tiamond NFT on a tokenized diamonds platform. The first auction of the Tiamonds and the associated deployment of the $TIA on-chain will take place on Febrary 22, 2022. To further support this new marketplace, LCX has launched the // website to provide information and access for the Tokenized Diamonds Marketplace, the marketplace governance framework, and information on the TIA Token. The Tiamonds marketplace combines non-fungible token (NFT) technology with real-world diamonds using the ERC-721 NFT Standard.

Founded in 2018, LCX is a secure and regulated trading platform. It is committed to the growth of the blockchain industry and the upliftment of the financial market through tokenization. Over the past three years, LCX has collaborated with dozens of quality blockchain projects to facilitate compliant crypto services and products, focusing on tokenization. To further its mission, LCX is announcing the launch of a tokenized diamonds platform- Tiamonds – to showcase tokenized assets’ opportunities, educate consumers about tokenization through gamification, and create a community-driven token economy.

The Tiamonds platform will tokenize real-world diamonds represented by non-fungible blockchain tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to promote tokenization. Tiamonds are a part of the LCX initiative to bring tokenization to millions. There are two key elements to the Tiamonds project: tokenized diamonds called Tiamonds and a deflationary cryptocurrency called the TIA Token.

The Tiamonds NFT Marketplace

The Tiamonds project also features an NFT marketplace for tokenized diamonds. The marketplace combines non-fungible token (NFT) technology with real-world diamonds. The Tiamonds NFTs offered on the platform will represent ownership of individual and real-world diamonds. Each Tiamond represents a securely stored GIA diamond, certified by the Gemological Institute of America and digitally tokenized for sale in the marketplace. An LCX Physical Validator Certificate and a GIA certificate will be included with each diamond.

LCX’s regulatory framework and its advanced blockchain infrastructure have been integrated into developing the Tiamond token, a non-fungible token based on the ERC-721 token standard. The Tiamonds will function as a globally-tradeable digital asset. The users will be able to transfer Tiamond NFTs or sell them on third-party platforms once they have purchased Tiamonds.

Securely Vaulted Diamonds

The Diamonds are secured and stored in Liechtenstein at an excellent security vault outside the banking system with protection levels 10 and 6 eyes principle. LCX believes in physical safekeeping and permits the token economy to offer certainty, permitting the tokenization of assets and enabling secure trade and transfer powered by blockchain.

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