Cardano Multi-chain NFT Marketplace Leader NFT-Maker Launches NMKR Token April 18, 2022

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The Lichtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange was chosen by NFT-Maker to launch the new NMKR Token. The continuing growth of the products and services at the Lichtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange and the deflationary nature of the LCX Utility Token is a significant driver of the strong growth of the LCX token. The NFT-Maker NMKR is another successful demonstration of the growth of he Lichtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange.

NFT-MAKER is establishing a multi-chain NFT ecosystem by developing tools for onboarding, minting, and secondary market selling with the goal of lowering the entry barrier to NFTs for end-users, artists, brands, and corporations by developing tools for onboarding, minting, and secondary market selling.

Despite the fact that NFT-MAKER will develop a blockchain-agnostic NFT ecosystem, the Cardano blockchain will continue to be its primary focus. Keeping this in mind, they worked on NFT-MAKER PRO which was the first public ‘Mint-On-Demand’ tool for the Cardano Blockchain, and it has since evolved to become the driving force behind roughly 50% of all unique projects and nearly 20% of all NFTs that exist today.

The Founders Patrick Tobler and Fahim Popalzai launched the first NFT-MAKER V1 website, allowing non-technologically savvy users to create their own NFTs for the first time on Cardano. It was an instant success, and it has since enabled more artists to build NFTs on Cardano than on any other Minting Tool.


You can view the NFT-Maker Whitepaper here

The NMKR token is launched on the Cardano and has a supply of 10 billion $NMRK Tokens. Further, the segregation will be done:

image of NFT-Maker NMKR Tokenomics

image of NFT-Maker 2022 Roadmap

image of NMKR Token Sale Details

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