NFT-Maker To Release NMKR Token In 2022, Releases Whitepaper, Creating NFT Ecosystem On Cardano Blockchain Technology

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NFT-Maker NMKR Token & NFT Ecosystem

The LCX Launchpad has been selected by NFT-Maker to launch their new NMKR Token. NFT-MAKER continues to expand its suite of tools and services, starting with the Minting API, for NFT-mining on the Cardano blockchain, as its technical foundation. In Q2 2022, NFT- Marketplace, wallet, and Game Launchpad will be launched, along with the mining API, stake pool, and payment gateway. Currently, more than 25% of all NFTs on Cardano are made with the NFT-MAKE PRO API, and this will continue to grow as NFT-Maker expands their partner network.


NFT-Maker NMKR Token & NFT EcosystemNFT-MAKER, at its core, provides infrastructure for NFT projects, enabling creators, brands, companies, and artists to concentrate on what they do best: being creative. NFT-Maker makse NFTs available to everyone by offering an end-to-end ecosystem that adjusts to the various web3 use cases and needs.

The MFT-Maker Mission


The MFT-MakerValues


The NFT space currently faces three major challenges:

  • high entry barriers,
  • sustainability concerns,
  • and verification issues.

The extremely high transaction fees, as well as the initial knowledge required to operate in an ecosystem geared toward those who are already well acquainted with Crypto, are the high barriers to entry. In terms of sustainability, it has become evident that the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm used among Blockchains as their core protocol element consumes an enormous amount of energy. NFT-Maker is very concerned with bringing NFTs to the world while ensuring the infrastructure they are building is as environmentally friendly as possible. NFT-Maker sees these as obstacles to be overcome, which they believe is possible through a holistic approach.

image of the cardano coinThey will be the mediator between NFT suppliers and their customers, offering an easy-to-use and EU-compliant product ready for the world by focusing on energy-efficient Proof-of-stake blockchains like Cardano. To address the verification concerns, NFT-Maker will implement a hybrid of a token verification mechanism based on game theory to reduce bad behavior and Digital Identity tools to allow users to demonstrate their authenticity.


NFTs are, at their core, the technological infrastructure for proof-of-ownership. The basic idea is that if they can store data on the blockchain, that data can be used to reference anything. If it can refer to anything, then it can be used to store ownership of any physical or digital item; houses, cars, licenses, certificates – the possibilities are truly limitless.

Someone would no longer need to rely on paperwork or third-party intermediaries to transfer complicated and expensive assets; instead, one could use the blockchain to do so in a trustless, decentralized manner. From the perspective of the general public, as with most technology, people want the best results without having to understand exactly how it works. This is a key pillar in NFT-Maker philosophy of bringing the power of NFTs to everyone. However, a brief overview of why NFTs are important on Cardano is helpful.

The Bitcoin blockchain pioneered the use of the UTXO accounting model, in which the blockchain stores the set of unspent transactions rather than the current balance of each account.

What is meant by “unspent”? In this context, unspent refers to how each transaction spends your entire amount of coins and then essentially returns the remainder to you, similar to receiving change from a shop. Cardano employs the eUTXO (extended Unspent Transaction Output) model, in which the UTXO is supplemented with an additional script (smart contract) that must return True before tokens are sent.

Consider this an additional check in addition to the public/private key pair. Although all UTXOs have smart contracts attached to them, there is no way to distinguish a unique smart contract – this is where NFTs come in. Attaching an NFT to a smart contract enables it to be uniquely identified, completing the Cardano Blockchain’s security.

This is especially significant because Bitcoin has a very limited scripting language, and coins like Ethereum worked to improve the expressiveness of smart contracts but were unable to do so while using UTXO and instead opted for the balance-based accounting model. Cardano researchers were successful in cracking this, and as a result, Cardano is the current best-in-class infrastructure for the best method of storing ownership ever created.


The goal is to offer as much utility as possible to $NMKR token holders. This means that owning $NMKR grants you the ability to influence the future direction of the NFT-MAKER Ecosystem.

Verification &  fraud prevention

Safe for everyone

They intend to implement a trust score for each user on the platform. The initial metrics will be graded based on their level of identification and stake. Members of the community who vote will receive $NMKR rewards.

  • Marketplace

Ecosystem governance


They will incorporate all community feedback and wishes into our roadmap. Initially, the development team will deliver proposals for which the community can vote.

  • Game Launchpad
  • Payment Gateway
  • Web wallet
  • Marketplace
  • Stake Pool

Addition Resources and Documents

Download the White Paper.

Visit the NFT-Maker website.

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