Should I Buy ApeCoin? Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030, Airdrop, governance token, APE Ecosystem, What Does It All Mean

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image of etherium coin with bored Apes NFTs


image of the Bored Ape NFTsThere is now a token associated with BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), called ApeCoin and the ApeCoin may become an opportunity for a significant profit. The Bored Ape Yacht Club Coin is designed to be the currency of Bored Ape Yacht Club. At the moment, it’s still unclear how that will work. For example, can NFT owners get merchandise by using a fan token? Can it be used as a financial tool for speculation? Does it have the power to determine future development? Can developers benefit from it? Yes, yes and yes, and possibly more.

Who Are the Founders of ApeCoin?

ApeCoin is a decentralized project modeled after Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club. ApeCoin was created to be used within the APE Ecosystem, which is being backed by the APE Foundation. The ApeCoin DAO aims to strengthen and establish the APE Ecosystem in a fair and inclusive manner, by offering a framework for ApeCoin holders to team up via open and permissionless governance processes.

An administrative council within the APE Foundation (the “Board”), will execute the decisions of members of ApeCoin DAO. The Board is accountable for the everyday administration, project management, bookkeeping, and related tasks that make sure the Community’s concepts have the support they require to turn into a reality. ApeCoin DAO members vote on Board members.

What Makes ApeCoin Unique?

ApeCoin is the governance token of the APE Ecosystem, enabling token holders to participate in ApeCoin DAO and providing its participants with an open and shared currency that can be utilized without the use of centralized intermediaries. ApeCoin DAO members voted to allocate 62 percent of all ApeCoin to the Ecosystem Fund, which will encourage community-driven initiatives.

ApeCoin also grants access to parts of the Ecosystem that would otherwise be unavailable, such as exclusive games and services. ApeCoin is a tool for third-party developers to take part in the ecosystem by integrating ApeCoin into games, services and other projects.

Vide Overview of ApeCoin

This video gives an overview of what ApeCoin is and what happened with the March 17, 2022 airdrop. Were you a Bored Ape or Mutant Ape owner?

ApeCoin Price Prediction

Despite the fact that ApeCoin has real value, its link to an NFT fund has led many to view it as a meme token, if not a shitcoin. There are differing opinions regarding the ApeCoin cryptocurrency, with some investors standing firmly behind it and others expecting it to burst within weeks.

2022 ApeCoin Price Prediction

Throughout the year, there will likely be some ups and downs, as well as a mooning or two as ApeCoin’s hype grows. Therefore, we believe its potential maximum price is quite high. Nevertheless, we also have to consider the fact that it has already been listed on most major exchanges, so it won’t be able to take advantage of the hype that always surrounds new listings.

A price estimate for 2022 is difficult. Currently, we estimate the price will be about $50.

2025 ApeCoin Price Prediction

Whether the price of Bitcoin reaches $150 in 2025, or whether it falls to zero, is anyone’s guess. We believe that APE’s real price in 2025 will be somewhere between these two figures, staying at a level of $60 on average.

According to our ApeCoin prediction for 2025, we believe the project has enough supporters to succeed. There is a lot of potential in the price of ApeCoin today, and we think that this will help to attract many investors. Despite some challenges, ApeCoin has the potential to be a successful cryptocurrency.

2025 ApeCoin Price Prediction

There are several factors that drive ApeCoin’s value, including NFT hype, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and its own speculative value. It is nearly impossible to predict whether Bored Apes will still be in existence – and popular – eight years from now. In 2022 and beyond, ApeCoin DAO’s price will largely depend on how they develop and advertise themselves.

APE price could remain strong in the future considering the project has already started branching out – creating its own metaverse, cartoons, and organizing real-world events. Prices could even surpass $100 by 2030.

How Can You Buy ApeCoin?

You can buy, trade and store ApeCoin at LCX Exchange. There are several trading pairs available with APE/USDC and APE/EUR.

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