Solita Hyper Deflationary BEP-20 Token Upcoming Coin Burn & New BSC Airdrop In April 18, 2022

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image of the Solita hyper deflationary token

Solita Token is set to launch on April 18, 2022. Based on a number of the tokens characteristics, these new hyper deflationary tokens could create quite the stir in the crypto market. If you act quickly, you can even claim an airdrop. The Solita token was launched on Binance Smart Chain Network to reward token holders with large portfolios of SOLT tokens with a fixed incentive on every transaction.

Perhaps you will want to give this coin a serious look and maybe invest on the ground floor. It could be a moonshot one day. Every investor will wonder what to make of this new coin, and we have to wait and see how the crypto market reacts.


image of Solita tokenThe Solita Token is a deflationary token that burns SOLT with every buy and sell transaction. The Solita token rewards hodlers with a 2% transaction fee that is shared with the whole SOLT community.

Solita is a promising token because it is envisioned to be the first decentralized token backed by the community and has the potential to become a Top 100 token in the cryptocurrency industry.

What exactly is Solita?

Solita is a BEP-20 token launched on the Binance Smart Chain Network that was created to reward investors and the token community with large portfolios with static SOLT incentives on every transaction. The term ‘Solita’ was coined from the Italian word “Salita,” which means “rise,” which is precisely the concept for which Solita was developed.

What are the characteristics of the Solita token?

The Solita coin has several unique factors that will lead to the token’s success, including:

1. Auto Burning:

With the Solita Token’s auto burn feature, each transaction is taxed at 5%, 2% is redistributed to Solita token holders, and 3% of the Solita token is burned to create liquidity.

2. Auto Liquidity:

Solita Token utilizes 3% of total fees to add liquidity to Pancakeswap, thereby increasing and stabilizing liquidity in perpetuity.

3. Wallet Reflection:

The Solita token smart contract provides static reflections of 2% tax fees to token hodlers. Thereby increasing the value of an investor’s portfolio.

Explanation of Solita Token Transaction Fees

The Solita token ecosystem employs a five percent tax on all transactions, e.g., Alice purchases 10,000 SOLT; Alice will receive 9500 SOLT; 200 SOLT will be redistributed to all SOLT hodlers; and three percent will be added to Liquidity and burned forever.

With this mechanism in place, every buy and sell transaction reduces the Solita supply. This alleviates selling pressure on the Solita token’s price. As a result, the token’s value can rise more easily.

What Are the Applications of the Solita Token?

Solita is a fun project dedicated to being the first truly decentralized token in the cryptocurrency industry. As a community token, Solita is completely dependent on the community and the community decides how to use the Solita token.

Solita aspires to be a legally enforceable medium of exchange both within and outside the token’s community. The Solita token community is comprised of independent contractors, web developers, programmers, digital marketers, artisans, shop owners, incorporated entities, artists, actors & actresses, and other members of the labor force.

Solita can be used to pay for a variety of different goods and services, including the following:

a. Freelancing Services

b. Digital Marketing Products

c. Caffeinated beverages

d. Tickets

e. Advertising

f. Payments in-store

Why invest in the Solita Token?

When it comes to investing in new startups, most people are skeptical, and this is no different in the crypto space. The cryptocurrency industry has encountered numerous roadblocks and setbacks because of cryptocurrency startups that abruptly and willingly disappear with investor funds. The Solita token is not making guarantees that it cannot keep; rather, it is making promises, and it is critical to understand these facts before diving in.

Why should you invest in Solita?

1. Committed Team: The Solita team is a group of individuals who are committed to the project and to ensuring its success.

2. Transparency: The Solita token project is a transparent endeavor that seeks to involve the community in all aspects of the crypto industry’s development and advancement.

3. Experienced: The Solita token team consists of seasoned cryptocurrency developers, marketers, influencers, and strategists who have dedicated their time to ensuring the success of Solita token.

4. No Rugpulls: Solita token is a no-rugpulls project that prioritizes the community. Additionally, in the event that Pancakeswap adds liquidity, the LP token will be locked for 365 days, ensuring that investors never have to worry about being rugged pulled.

5. Potential: Solita token is not just another token; it has the potential to be one of the top 100 tokens on coinmarketcap and coingecko, which is possible with the support of the community.

Solita Token Information


Symbol: SOLT

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

Decimal: 9

Contract address: 0xc2e9743daccf4ecd52e1e4b049c6cc9422950487

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Market Cap:  $12,958,394.95

Launch Date:  April 18, 2022

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