The math to reaching your goals with crypto

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This is the fifth article in our 15 part series.

Reaching your goals with crypto is possible.

But first…you have to understand that you’ll need a system to help you reach your goals.

Systems are everything. They’re everywhere. We live in a solar SYSTEM. We have a seasonal SYSTEM. Your body has 9 systems that make it work.

Why? Because systems make success PREDICTABLE.

Also, systems are there to help you know what you’re doing wrong so you can adjust and have a place from which to measure.

However, the first thing is you must define what your goals are.

Are you looking to make just a few hundred a month passively or are you looking to generate six figures and replace your income?

Define this first so you can work backwards from there.

Let’s take an example:

If you’re looking to make a few hundred a month, then you’ll need to look for opportunities that will generate you about $75/wk.

This means you need coins that fluctuate around that much. Some established coins like BTC and ETH will do that.

But if you’re looking to replace your income and don’t have a lot of capital to begin with, then you’ll need to compound your capital first.

This way it will be easier to generate small amounts from a larger sum in the future.

To give you an example, starting with $10,000 and compounding it at 11%/mo (or 2.5%/wk) in 2 years, that $10,000 would be just a shade up under $100,000.

And once that happens, you only need .5% or 1% to live a life of freedom.

(BTW – don’t ever underestimate the power of compound interest)

Of course, you have to execute on your system and manage your risk, but when you do so, the above truly is possible.

Ok, let’s park it here for now.

In the next article, I’ll share how you can trade using bots in just 30 minutes a day.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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