Will Technical Analysis of ANKR Coin Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030 Support $1.00 In 2022?

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web3.0 and ankr

Ankr is an exciting Web3.0 project that has significant price growth in the next 5 to 10 years. Like most of the cryptocurrency market the Anker coin has decreased in value since its all-time high price of $0.2190 but is currently around $0.07917 as of today. Its market cap has declined to about $626 million, making it the 108th biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

What is driving the significant growth potential of ANKR? What are some of the most well-known crypto analysts predicting for the price between now and 2030? This article examines both what is ANKR and what are the analysts predicting on price over the next 8 years.

What is Ankr?

The Ankr Protocol is a fast-growing blockchain project in the web3.0 industry. For starters, web3.0 is highly controversial and is widely perceived to be the next big thing in the internet industry.

The idea behind web3.0 is simple. Presently, some of the biggest tools used on the internet are centralized in nature. As a result, they are generally controlled by profit-incented companies. Some of these projects include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and even Facebook.

Web3.0 seeks to change this model by decentralizing the ownership of projects. For example, it seeks to promote projects that are owned by the community. Instead of storing files in a project owned by Google, you can store them in a decentralized platform.

Therefore, the Ankr Protocol is a project that aims to provide the infrastructure needed to build decentralized applications in the web3.0 industry.

Who founded Ankr Protocol?

Co-founders Chandler Song and Ryan Fang (Forbes 30 Under 30 laureates) founded Ankr in 2017 shortly after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley after being early participants in the Blockchain at Berkeley program. Chandler was working as an engineer at Amazon Web Services at the time where he met Stanley Wu, the third co-founder. Together, they took on a mission to build the most decentralized and scalable Web3.0 infrastructure possible. Ankr is headquartered in San Francisco, and over the years, the developers have raised $27.3 million from a group of investors led by JD Capital and NEO Global Capital.

Ankr Protocol integrations

One of the reasons why the Ankr price has done well over the years is because it is an open-source project which makes it easy for people to integrate with other chains. Today, Ankr Protocol has integrated with a number of blockchain projects.

The most important Ankr integrations are with Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche, among others. This integration was enabled by the launch of the Ankr Protocol, which was launched in October 2018.

Ankr integrated with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by implementing the Erigon upgrade. As a result, the developers managed to reduce the required BSC archive node from 17TB to just 1.2TB.

What is ANKR coin used for?

Powering the Ankr protocol is the ANKR token. It is the native token for the ecosystem just as AVAX is the token for the Avalanche network. Similarly, BSC is the native token for the Binance Smart Chain network.

The ANKR token makes it possible for people to vote for changes in the network. It also makes it possible for people to earn by just staking the coin.

Most importantly, $ANKR is used exclusively by developers to pay to access features in the network. It will also be the native token for the Ankr DAO. 

Ankr price history

Like all cryptocurrencies, ANKR price has enjoyed a rollercoaster. According to Binance, Ankr started trading in July 2020. At the time, the price remained in a tight range considering it was a new token. It remained between $0.001 and $0.01 until early 2021. 

The ANKR token price was not left behind during the cryptocurrency rally that happened in the first half of 2021. At the time, the price surged to an all-time high of $0.2200. This was a strong increase of 1,600% from the lowest level in 2020, making it one of the top performers.

Between May and June of 2021, the Ankr price declined by more than 78% during the well-known cryptocurrency winter. At the time, most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum declined sharply as well.

Again, the coin was not left behind in the cryptocurrency rally that started in June 2021. The coin’s price approached its all-time high in November 2021 and has since declined by more than 66% from its all-time high as shown below.

ANKR historic chart

ANKR historic price chart

Why has ANKR price collapsed?

There are several reasons why the ANKR price has declined. First, the decline is part of the overall weakness in the cryptocurrency industry. As you probably know, most cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have declined by over 50% from their all-time high. Cryptocurrencies have declined by over $1.5 trillion from their all-time high.

Second, ANKR has declined because of the criticism towards Web3.0. Notably, Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter and the current head of Square has been one of the most notable critics of the industry. He wrote the following about Web3.0:

Jack Dorsey Twitter Comment

Finally, there are concerns about the U. S. Federal Reserve and the fact that officials could implement several rate hikes this year. In a statement, the Fed’s Raphael Bostic warned the Fed could increase rates in batches of 50 basis points. Some analysts also expect the bank will hike rates about 7 times during 2022.

ANKR vs Ethereum

“What’s the difference between Ankr and Ethereum”, is one of the most common questions asked. For starters, Ethereum is a blockchain infrastructure project that enables developers to build decentralized apps. Ethereum is a leading player in the Web3.0 industry but it is known for its high costs and slow speed. 

ANKR, on the other hand, is an Ethereum token that powers the Ankr Protocol. The protocol is a platform that makes it easy to build dapps, hosting nodes, and staking. The chart below compares the performance of ANKR and Ethereum prices.

ANKR vs Ethereum prices

ANKR vs Ethereum prices

ANKR Technical Analysis

Vf-Investment advises establishing a long position near the bottom border of the Keltner Channel. The present market state RSI favors bulls, and we anticipate that the price will test the solid support and then rebound. The graphic depicts the entry and objective. This is not financial advice!

ANKR Technical Analysis chart


ANKR Price Prediction 2022- 2030

ANKR showed a bullish market trajectory in 2021, but the price continued to fall in early 2022 until mid-March when we have begin to see a general upward trend in price. ANKR crypto price predictions by analysts from Walletinvestor, DigitalCoin, and TradingBeasts rate this cryptocurrency as a good investment option.

DigitalCoin projects that the price of the ANKR coin could rise to $0.092 in 2022, $0.097 in 2023, and $0.12 in 2026. Ankr is a profitable investment choice, according to DigitalCoin’s analysts, and they do not anticipate a downward trend.

On March 14th, WalletInvestor predicted ANKR could rise as much as $0.147 in a year’s time and $0.448 in five years. According to its analysis, ANKR has little to no possibility of a complete crash both in the long term and the short term, making it an “awesome” cryptocurrency for a long-term (one year) investment. 

ANKR Coin Price Prediction 2022-2030


ANKR Price Prediction 2022

Using historical ANKR price data, it is anticipated that a $0.096 price will be achieved in 2022. Prices can exceed $0.11, with an average selling price of $0.099. Ankr’s price will be about $0.071 in March 2022. The Ankr price may reach a maximum value of $0.080 in USD, with an average trading value of $0.077 in the United States. Ankr’s price will fall as low as $0.094 in November 2022. With an average predicted price of $0.097, the ANKR price might rise to a high of $0.11.

ankr 2022 price by month

ANKR Price Prediction 2023

In 2023, the price of Ankr is expected to be at least $0.13. Throughout 2023, the Ankr price might reach $0.16 with an average of $0.14.

ANKR Price Prediction 2024

Ankr’s price will be $0.20 in 2024; it may increase to $0.23, with an average of $0.20.

ANKR Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, 1 Ankr is anticipated to be $0.30. Throughout 2025, the ANKR price might reach $0.34 with an average of $0.31.

ANKR Price Prediction 2026

The Ankr price may go as low as $0.43 in 2026. Our research shows that the ANKR price might go as high as $0.52, with an average projection of $0.45.

ANKR Price Prediction 2027

Using historical ANKR price data, the price of Ankr will be about $0.63 in 2027. The Ankr price may go up to $0.76 with an average trading value of $0.65.

ANKR Price Prediction 2028

In 2028, Ankr’s price is anticipated to be $0.91. In 2028, the Ankr price might reach $1.09, with an average trading price of $0.93.

ANKR Price Prediction 2029

Ankr’s price will be $1.34 in 2029. The ANKR price may go up to $1.59 with an average of $1.38.

ANKR Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, Ankr’s price is expected to be $1.95. Throughout 2030, the Ankr price might reach $2.31 with an average market price of $2.02.

ANKR Price Prediction by Industry Influencers

ANKR is forming a big bullish Shark for up to a 208% move. The Shark Pattern will be completed in May 2022, and you can wait for a retest at $085860.24 for a second chance buying opportunity.

ANKR Coin Shark Chart


Will ANKR hit $10.00 this year? Let’s hope and dream since that would make hodlers a few million but will ANKR make it to $0.75 by December? The analyst would say that most likely will not happen. But the realistic goal could be $0.11.

Through these ANKR/USD predictions, we explained what this cryptocurrency does and how it may help consumers in the future. The Ankr platform allows anybody to run their nodes using idle computing power, making it simple for everyone to develop blockchain-based systems. 

Traders who want to make a good investment should probably look for a coin with a low price and a solid team. In our opinion, the current price of ANKR is quite attractive, but it can’t be considered an ideal entry point at this stage.

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